12 Steps to Having a More Organized Christmas and Holiday Season

Learn to Control Christmas Before It Controls You! When you think about Christmas do you have feelings of excitement and joy that quickly turn to panic and dread? Christmas is supposed to be «the happiest time...

Lane P. Jordan / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

40 Days of Prophetic Miracles

«Forty Days of Prophetic Miracles by Pastor David O. Komolafe will propel you into revival praying and produce signs and wonders as he leads you step by step to triumph and to overcoming past defeats.» Chuck D....

David Komolafe / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

A Cup of Good Water

Enduring trials, discouragements, civil war and violence in Guatemala, Francis Eachus spent 50 years teaching Kekchi Indians to read and write, translated the Bible, wrote a Pedigogical Grammar and a Bible Concordance.

Francis Eachus / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

All Dressed Up & No Place To Go

The church is busy, constantly touching the community and consistently committed to marketing what we have to offer. We believe the love of Jesus and the fellowship of His followers that is experienced by all who...

Wallace Phillips / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

Alligator Courage

«Allgator Courage is heaven’s Mapquest® pointing God’s people to victorious living in the 2010s decade. The Plan is a virtual «revival in a book,» offering a prophetic voice of encouragement...

Cureton L. Johnson / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

Am I Who I Am?

Who is Jesus Christ? Has anyone seen God? Is there more than one Savior? What about the Trinity? These questions and more are answered in «Am I Who I Am?» Extensively quoting Scripture, «Am I Who I Am?»...

Philip E. Lindberg / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

As Time Winds Down

The God who created the earth for habitation has also scheduled it’s termination. On three separate occasions the Lord Jesus Christ disclosed to trusted servants the content of important segments of the world’s concluding eras...

Bud Adamson / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

Beyond The Darkness

In the midst of war, Matthew Anderson seeks peace. .. but will the darkness of conflict at home and abroad destroy his family instead? The farmlands of Minnesota lie far from the gunfire and explosions of World War II, yet Matthew...

Vernal Lind / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

Beyond The Storm

Storms often marked turning points in Matthew Anderson’s life. The 1940 Armistice Day blizzard begins a time of radical change for his entire family. As his idyllic life is disrupted by an unscrupulous brother. This...

Vernal Lind / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.