100 Ideas that Changed Fashion

This book brings together the artists that are creating the aesthetics of the next decade. All the artists in the book were born after 1970. These are artists who have passed the post-art school no mans land and are making waves in the...

Worsley H. / 2012 год.

100 Ideas that Changed Film

This inspiring book chronicles the most influential ideas that have shaped film since its inception. Entertaining and intelligent, it provides a concise history as well as being a fascinating resource to dip into. Arranged in a broadly...

Parkinson D. / Издательство «L. King» / 2012 год.

100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design

New in the «100 Ideas that Changed…» series, this book demonstrates how ideas influenced and defined graphic design, and how those ideas have manifested themselves in objects of design. The 100 entries, arranged broadly in chronological...

Heller S., Vienne V. / Издательство «L. King» / 2012 год.

100 Ideas that Changed Street Style

100 Ideas that Changed Street Style is a look-by-look dissection of the key ideas that changed the way we dress — from the middle of the 20th century to the present day — explaining the most iconic items...

Sims J. / Издательство «L. King» / 2014 год.

100 Interiors Around the World

How to live well? This is a diverse and inspiring selection of interiors from around the world. This special edition rounds up the creme de la creme of today's most exceptional and inspiring interiors around the...

Издательство «taschen» / 2013 год.

100 Marvels of the Modern World

From awe-inspiring skyscrapers designed to be noticed to the impressive engineering of the bridges, tunnels, and energy-generating wind fields, viaducts, and dams for which function is just as important as form, 100 MODERN...

Various / 2007 год.

100 New Fashion Designers

The fashion industry has always celebrated innovative design, and young, talented fashion designers can make a huge impact as they explore new ideas and push boundaries. This book showcases the diverse and unique work of the best 100 new creatives...

Davies H. / 2012 год.

100 Paper Planes To Fold & Fly

Become a flying асе with these stunning paper planes. There are 100 tear-out sheets, to make all sorts of exciting aircraft — from fighter planes to space rockets to creepy flying bugs.

Издательство «Usborne» / 2012 год.

100 Works of Art That Will Define Our Age

Just as Picassos Guernica or Géricaults Raft of the Medusa survive as powerful cultural documents of their time, there will be works from our own era that will endure for generations to come. But which ones? Which contemporary...

Grovier K. / Издательство «Thames & Hudson» / 2013 год.