By the Grace of God and You

Carol is a person who walked on her knees from the age of four until she needed to use a wheelchair at the age of six. She never remembered a time when she could dress herself or go to the bathroom without...

Carol Schaufel / Издательство «In Search Of The Universal Truth» / 2014 год.

By Yourself

«By Yourself: Encouragement for Those Who Are Alone» offers Bible-based support and inspiration in a 31-day format. The book focuses on six factors: • your mission… identifying your purpose • the strategy of undaunted...

Ph.D. Diane Rigley / Издательство «Redemption Press» / 2014 год.

Cheerfulness as a Life Power


Orison Swett Marden / Издательство «Cosimo» / 2005 год.

Enjoy Being Proud Of Who You Are

As a teenager, you have unique talents, passions and potential. But finding your way through life is tough. The emotional and physical changes you are experiencing in your transformation from childhood to adulthood are perhaps the...

Peter Nicholls / Издательство «DoctorZed Publishing» / 2013 год.

GSP—God's Success Program

GSP! Did you know that your mind is the most important organ for succeeding in life? And did you know that words are the most important fuel for your mind, as well as the world’s most valuable currency? What happens when your mind...

MD Caxton Opere / Издательство «Strategic Book Group, LLC» / 2014 год.

Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age

A Handbook of encouragement and inspiration for the youth of America and the world today. Short insightful writings of the author, combined with quotes of famous international figures, provide a roadmap of hope for the youth...

James Hilgendorf / Издательство «The Tribute Series» / 2013 год.

Hit’em Before They Hit You

Regardless of your nationality, age, race, or gender, Kelvin Waites' message will improve the lives of all who read it. The book’s motivational stories and passages of courage, sacrifice, and pure determination shows us that...

Kelvin Waites / Издательство «Prose Press» / 2014 год.

How To Get Off Your Backside and Live Your Life! 7 simple steps to transform your life using NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Are you asking yourself 'Is this IT?' Do you see life passing you by? Then you need this book — it’s the next best thing to having your own life coach on tap 24/7! Learn how to coach...

Joyce H Campbell / Издательство «Live It Ventures Limited» / 2010 год.

I Have The Power

I Have the Power is the story of an African child, born in a remote area in Zambia. It follows the life of Nkandu Beltz and the challenges of being born a girl in a Southern African country....

Nkandu Beltz / Издательство «Gowor International Publishing» / 2014 год.

Love Consciousness

Did you know that focusing on one specific topic can produce immediate results in your life? Did you know that topic is LOVE? Inside this meditation book, you will discover how to attract: • Wealth and abundance • Good health • Loving relationships...

Dina Blas / Издательство «Expert Author Publishing» / 2014 год.