A Gilded Shadow

Tim Mercier grows up in the 1970s, while Britain is enduring an intractable economic recession, dreaming of the independence that would be afforded to him were he to start and run a successful company. He pours...

Pierre L. Fanchette / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2008 год.

An Acre In Warfedale

Arthur, a retired police officer and his old friends neither of whom are quite what they would have him believe. Simon purports to be an Archaeologist but he is hiding his true purpose in life. Mike, an upright and respected...

David A Binns / Издательство «Mirador Publishing» / 2013 год.

Anatomy of an Assassin

Anger, guilt, fear, shame. Layer upon layer of such feelings can only breed rage. A thrilling and fascinating story of a young man?

Philip Taken / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2002 год.

A Small Story for Page 3

Harry Fletcher can’t for the life of him figure out what exactly the 'nugget' of information his colleague, Eddie Concannon, uncovered prior to his death is. Picking his way along the threads of information, Harry soon finds...

Jack W. Germond / Издательство «MuseItUp Publishing» / 2013 год.

Au-Yang Fai

Young, beautiful Hong Kong actress Au-yang Fai is the queen of Chinese cinema. But beneath the vacuous sheen of her elegant parties and affluent lifestyle, she hides a political consciousness which, in the turbulent times of Hong...

Wong Yun Sang / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2009 год.


With 130 million people crammed into an area smaller than the state of Georgia, a per capita GDP of around $ 300 a year, a quixotic climate and a culture of bribes, threats and corruption, Bangladesh faces a growing...

Abdul Awal Mintoo / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2006 год.

Caution Tape

Penelope Dyan brings her years as an attorney into play with the writing of «Caution Tape» the story of the mystery surrounding war hero and self-professed tough guy, Angelo Marconi. What is the mystery behind Angelo’s...

Penelope Dyan / Издательство «Bellissima Publishing» / 2007 год.

Concentric Circles

The final of the Nigerian National Under-twenty Chess Tournament is being fiercely contested by two local boys: Chinda Onyemere and Daniel Oke Junior. The result will shape their futures in a way neither of them could have predicted....

Christopher Okonkwo / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2008 год.


DJ. Spy. Murderer. Initiative Mercury is a top-secret courier organization based in the UK. When elite agent Laurence Drake, a trance music superstar known as DJ Lance, suddenly goes rogue, all is thrown into chaos. What...

Z. K. Kostka / Издательство «Fletcher & Co. Publishers» / 2013 год.

Gestapo Lodge

The real-life world of espionage can, it appears, be every bit as glamorous, perilous, duplicitous and erotically charged as the most sensational fiction. Elaborating his father’s unfinished memoirs, Carlos Mundy had crafted...

Carlos Mundy / Издательство «Wimbledon Publishing» / 2011 год.