50 Shades of Gay


Jeffery Self / Издательство «Riverdale Avenue Books» / 2013 год.

A Blisse Christmas Collection

A collection of sweet, sensual and hot stories from the queen of festivities, Victoria Blisse. A sexy indugence for you to enjoy this yuletide with all the sights, scents and tastes of Christmas without the calories and hard work....

Victoria Blisse / Издательство «Andrews UK LTD.» / 2013 год.


Raw, graphic, candid portrait of two young gay men whose love affair is deeply affected by the scars they sustained from childhood sexual abuse. Tammy and Jamie are soul mates, but their love is thwarted for years by bad timing, fear...

Laura Susan Johnson / Издательство «Beaten Track Publishing» / 2012 год.

I Love My Plate Full


Keno Kicease / Издательство «Vantage Point Media» / 2011 год.

Mary’s Addiction

Donald and Mary Clauston are a rich, white couple. They own a lovely mansion in Sherman Oaks, and three lovely kids, and they’re both happy with each other. Or are they? Their life takes a drastic turn one Friday night. Three...

Damien Dsoul / Издательство «Andrews UK LTD.» / 2014 год.

Rajasthani Moon

Neither kink nor curse can stop a woman with a mission. Cecily Harrowsmith, secret agent extraordinaire, is a woman on a mission. When the remote Indian kingdom of Rajasthan refused to remit its taxes to the Empire,...

Lisabet Sarai / Издательство «Total-E-Bound Publishing» / 2013 год.



Deep Rivers / Издательство «Vantage Point Media» / 2011 год.

Telenio (Erotika mondliteraturo en Esperanto)

«Telenio» estas tre eksplicita erotika romano, unue eldonita en Londono en 1893. La autoro de la verko restas certagrade mistera. Ekzistas generala konsento ke gi estas verko de grupeto, sed gi plej...

Oscar Wilde / Издательство «Mondial» / 2014 год.

The Dominant View


Rx Grande / Издательство «Vantage Point Media» / 2011 год.

The Pleasure of Women

The Pleasure of Women is a book of 'Episodes in the fantasy of a life lived in the service of fantasies'. Quirky and evocative. Sexy and thought-provoking. A book to read with a smile on your face....

Patrick G / Издательство «bonobo tv» / 2012 год.