A Cat Called Wait For It

When a stray kitten is rescued by a little girl called Patsy, she finds herself in a new and exciting world. She makes friends with the animals who live in her garden, as well as the other cats who pass through,...

Isabella Kirk / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2005 год.

Adventures of a young naturalist

Воспроизведено в оригинальной авторской орфографии издания 1870 года (издательство «London. S. Low, Son, & Marston»).

Lucien Biart / Издательство «Книга по Требованию» / 2011 год.

Angora Rabbits A Pet Owner’s Guide

Everything you want to know about Angora Rabbits and more. A superb resource to answer all your questions, this book is a must have for anybody passionate about Angora Rabbits including English, French, Giant, Satin and German varieties....

Ann L. Fletcher / Издательство «Evolution Knowledge Limited» / 2013 год.

Artie. A Polar Bear’s Tale

When the Johnson family generously donated money to adopt an endangered animal, little did they know that a young, orphaned polar bear with a passion for ice-hockey and mischief, would turn up on their doorstep! Join Artie on his...

David Gosnold / Издательство «Ecanus Publishing» / 2013 год.

Autumn of Angels

Kestrel and Evy get a chance to investigate Evy’s mysterious history but soon find themselves on the run from a terrifying adversary. Then at long, long last, Evy gets all the answers to her questions. Her entire world is shaken....

Angela Dorsey / Издательство «Enchanted Pony Books» / 2013 год.

Ben and Chewie

Ben is a seven-year-old boy who loves animals, so he’s lucky to live in Australia, where he can see all sorts of unique creatures and plants! Things like Australian Christmas trees, kangaroos, dolphins and bobtails,...

Rita M Campbell / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2007 год.

Billy the Bus

Today Billy the bus is doing the school run! But will Twin Top be left all alone in the bus station? Join Billy and his friends for their first adventure.

Mark McDaid / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2006 год.

Brumbies in the Outback

Book 4 of the Brumbies series. Ben and Louise discover that life on a remote cattle station is very different to their Snowy Mountains home. Missing her horse, Honey, Louise struggles to adapt to the outback. Ben has a graver...

Paula Boer / Издательство «SQ Mag» / 2014 год.

«Call Me Dolley»

In a deft blend of factual histiry and the author’s creative imagination, «Call Me Dolley» by Hariette S. Sherman is a highly original work written for middle-grade readers, but accessible to history...

Hariette S. Sherman / Издательство «G2 Rights» / 2003 год.

Circle of the Ancestors

Finding a rare treasure brings trouble and transformation to a coming-of-age boy in this novel by Amazon #1 bestselling southern author Susan Gabriel. Thirteen-year-old Sam lives on a reservation in North Carolina with...

Susan Gabriel / Издательство «Wild Lily Arts» / 2014 год.