1, 2, 3 to the Zoo

Joyously colored animals, riding on a train to the zoo, offer youngsters a first introduction to numbers, number sets, addition and counting in this paperback reissue of Eric Carle/

Carle E. / Издательство «The Putnam & Grosset Group» / 1998 год.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon

«The Mixed-Up Chameleon» is a captivating picture book from Eric Carle, author-illustrator of «The Very Hungry Caterpillar», that teaches young children the key differences between animals and the importance of being...

Carle E. / Издательство «Penguin» / 1988 год.

Карл. Очень тихий сверчок

A little cricket has lost his song — he rubs his wings together and nothing happens. He sets off to find his voice and meets all kinds of creatures who make all kinds of noises, but still he can make no sound...

Carle E. / Издательство «Penguin» / 2011 год.