Книга: A Sentimental Journey. Автор: Jim Kennison. Издательство: Bottom of the Hill Publishing. 2011 год. ISBN: 978-1-61203-092-0
Successful San Francisco attorney Bryce Gibson is agonizing over the skiing-accident death of his wife, Lauren, and decides to take an extended trip to Europe. It’s a «Sentimental Journey» revisiting places where he and Lauren had spent many happy days. While flying to London, Bryce becomes acquainted with seatmate, Traci Dunne, who is on her way to Ireland to visit her brother Michael, a Catholic priest. Two days later Bryce receives a telephone call at his hotel from Traci, telling him that her visit with her brother went badly, and she is headed for London. Traci explains that she is a member of a Catholic religious order and has had her life disrupted when she was unfairly dismissed from her teaching position. Her brother, whom she had expected to help her, has refused to do so, telling her «not to rock the boat!» Bryce, noting the unfairness and illegality of what has occurred, offers to be her attorney. She accepts, and Bryce sends Bishop Robert Grogan an e-mail informing him of the impending suit. He then suggests that Traci join him on his journey so he’ll have time to learn more about her and to prepare an airtight case for the anticipated lawsuit. Traci accepts Bryce’s suggestion to join him on his journey, and they begin to visit Bruges, Metz/Luxembourg, Prague, Budapest, Salzburg, Florence, Provence, Barcelona and Paris. As their days turn into weeks, Bryce and Traci realize they are falling in love, but both are hesitant to express that love. Will Bryce be successful in solving Traci’s legal problems? Will their initial feelings become full blown love? All the answers and much, much more await you in Jim Kennison’s touching novel, A Sentimental Journey.
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